Friday, February 25, 2011

In my mind.

Hello there, everyone.

My name's Jason, and I'll be using this blog as a means to write about just about anything.  I'm sure I'll be touching on a wide variety of topics.  Sometimes I'll be reviewing items I come into contact with, and why I like/don't like them.  Sometimes I might just post some cool stuff I find on the depths of the internet.

I'll also probably be posting some of my electronica music that I make in my spare time under the moniker "His Master's Voice".  Perhaps you'll like it, perhaps you won't, but give it a try once I post some! I'm currently working on my Oaks EP.  So, I'll be posting progress on that when it comes.

If anyone would like to hear any of the music I've already made, some's at

Well, that's about all for now then.  I'll be making my first real post within the week, most likely.  Oh yeah, and I'll probably talk about chemistry stuff too, cause I'm really interested in that kinda stuff.  Hope y'all enjoy my blog.